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AUSPAC, are committed to finding the ideal home for each client, and also to providing the perfect service experience and the best sale price for each property investor.


AUSPAC, are committed to providing the best return for our first-time property investors, multi-property owners, or residential rental providers.

Project Marketing

AUSPAC, are committed to effective marketing strategy development and launching market-leading projects in order to achieve sales success.

Project Development

AUSPAC, are committed to looking for new investment opportunities and providing quality products to the market in order to maximum the profits of our clients.

Funds Management

AUSPAC, are committed to achieving high investment returns for our clients in real estate and other emerging industries through a unique investment network and platform and a professional team with “compliance” as the top priority.

Other Services

AUSPAC, provide our clients with other services such as immigration, education, mortgage, concierge, etc.

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Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) helps clients achieve an immersive and stimulating viewing experience regardless of time and space constraints.


Bridging between developers, agents and clients, real and virtual worlds are seamlessly integrated through artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain and Web 3 technology. 


Better integrate real estate development, sales, and clients’ resources via the application of informatisation, modularisation, and intelligentization to achieve resource sharing and matching between market intelligence, property listings and clients.

Big data analysis

Aims to assist clients and developers to make better, faster and more informed decisions through big data analytics techniques such as predictive analytics, machine learning, streaming analytics, in-database analytics and cluster analysis to monitor and analyse market trends, patterns, customer behaviour and preferences.



Through the Agency/Agent Collaboration Community (ACC), the complete service chain is streamlined to achieve the goal of resource sharing to ensure more openness, transparency, and healthy competition.


The 4C strategy (Convergence, Coordination, Core Business and Core Competence) empowers marketing, develops an invincible marketing system, and achieves sustainable corporate profits.


A professional team with 14 years of proven track record, AUSPAC is highly capable of developing and implementing tailored and sustainable plans.


Online and offline multi-platforms serve as targeted and highly user-viscous traffic portals to effectively optimize and increase conversion rates.

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Business Model

AUSPAC aspires to work as an accelerator for the growth of the real estate industry and an incubator for the training of community experts through the business model of “Platform-based Empowerment, Resources Connection, Intelligence Sharing and Multidisciplinary Collaboration ” to break down information barriers and develop a pioneering ecosystem in the real estate industry.




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